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Hej we are norrlandsmöbler!


Collectors and sellers in love with Nordic furniture who buy and sell rare design classics.


The furniture that we purchase are normally not in mint condition, with incompletions and imperfect parts, but they are always very beautiful.


What we do is take time to work on every aspect of every individual piece. According to our philosophy we try to refurbish carefully, using techniques and methods of improvement that replicate the original conditions of the furniture.

We never try to eradicate all signs of usage, as function and an homogenous overall appearance is something we value higher.

We are convinced that the age of a furniture is a fundamental part of its appearance, an aspect of the furniture that needn’t lessen function or appeal.

As a result of this belief, we intentionally abstain from refurbishing in some cases because we feel that the old varnish with small marks is to prefer over a inhomogeneous surface.

In our work and with the material we use, we aspire high levels of sustainability so that you will derive a lot of enjoyment from your furniture for years to come. We also take on requests, be it full interior furnishing concepts or keeping an eye out for special furniture.

Please be in touch if you have any questions in this regard.

We have a large warehouse in the beautiful landscape of northern Germany only a few kilometers from Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö.


We ship all our furniture worldwide! and personally deliver to Copenhagen and Hamburg.


opening hours

Mon - Fri 12am - 7pm

Sat 12am - 6pm

Sun 12am - 6pm & by arrangement

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